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MS Craft Double Swivel Base (VW T5/T6 Only)

MS Craft Double Swivel Base (VW T5/T6 Only)

VW T5 and T6 Double seat sliding swivel base


Designed to fit VW T5 and T6 vans with factory fitted double passenger seat.

  • Designed to ensure that it meets all safety standards and is easy to operate.
  • Simply unscrew 5 locking bolts and pull the seat into the van and twist before pushing back in to place.
  • The original seat will not be replaced, we will just add a 'base plate' to allow the seat to swivel. This willl increase the seat height slightly. 
  • Seat can be re-positioned back or used in the living area when cooking or simply facing out through side sliding door.
  • Main construction made off precision laser cut 4mm steel with high tensile steel bolts and heavy duty sliding mechanism. 
  • All metal parts come powder coated in black to match existing seat base.
  • Completely silent while on the move.
  • We can fit it for you in our workshop when collecting with prior arrangement.
  • Each swivel we supply or install will come with a hard copy of test report which was issued by UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA).


Please note! 

>>>It is not suitable for seats with integrated airbag inside the backrest or for seats with occupancy sensors inbuilt!<<<

In order to prevent damage to sliding construction seat can only be used extended on solid surface floor! We reccomend 9-12mm plywood with vinyl or rubber flooring (please message us if unsure).


Price is a fully installed price. 

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